Why ISC Users Choose HR Lubricating Jelly for Self-Catheterization

Millions of people rely on self-catheterization to empty their bladder due to conditions such as urinary bladder retention, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and more.

If you are an uncoated straight catheter user, a high-quality sterile catheter lubricant is an important addition to your catheter regimen to ensure a comfortable experience and reduce pain, discomfort, and the risk of urethral trauma. With so many lubricants on the market today, it can be hard to choose the right catheter lubricant.

Join us as we discuss 5 reasons why so many ISC users choose HR Lubricating Jelly as their catheter lubricant of choice.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Ingredients

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we only use high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to manufacture HR Lubricating Jelly. ‘Pharmaceutical-grade’ means that the ingredients meet pharmaceutical standards, ensuring our customers get only the highest-quality lubricant.

In addition to only using pharmaceuticals-grade ingredients, HR Lubricating Jelly is fragrance-free, latex-free, and CHG-free, making it a low-allergen and safe for use on nearly every patient.


Water-soluble lubricants, like HR Lubricating Jelly, mimic the natural body fluids and will not compromise the integrity of a catheter. Water-soluble lubricants are also easy to wipe away and clean up. HR Lubricating Jelly is greaseless and won’t leave residue or stains behind.

“I am a diabetic with urinary retention and self catheterize every five to six hours. HR® Lubricating Jelly is the best lubricant I have used. It is non-irritating and with the flip cap, is very easy to handle.”

Premium Viscosity

HR Lubricating Jelly’s premium viscosity means it is thick, smooth, and won’t drip off a catheter during insertion. It maintains its applied integrity better than any other catheter lubricant and isn’t sticky. 

Sterile and Bacteriostatic

As an intermittent catheter user, infection is a great concern, with an estimated 4 out of 5 ISC users experiencing at least one urinary tract infection in a 5-year period. All of our products are sterile and contain bacteriostatic agents to help prevent bacterial growth once opened, making it an ideal catheter lubricant to have in your arsenal against UTIs.

Convenient Packaging Options

Whether you prefer flip-top tubes, individual OneShot packets, or 10ml syringes for self-catheterization, HR Lubricating Jelly has you covered with its robust packaging options.

“I am an intermittent catheter user, and the HR® Lubricating Jelly OneShot™ packets are great for when you are not at home, for example out to eat. At home I use a tube of HR® Lubricating Jelly. I get a box of each so I always have some on hand.”

If you are looking for a catheter lubricant for easier, painless insertion of intermittent catheters, choose HR Lubricating Jelly. Our economical pricing, bacteriostatic properties, and water-soluble nature make it ideal for ISC users.

Need help locating HR Lubricating Jelly?

HR Lubricating Jelly is available at medical supply stores across the country as well as online retailers, such as Amazon. If you are having trouble locating HR Lubricating Jelly, please contact us today and we will help locate a supplier.