The Pros and Cons of Using HR Lubricating Jelly as a Personal Lubricant

You cannot make one of the best lubricants that the industry has to offer and feature product benefits that include:

  • Water Soluble,
  • Non-Staining,
  • Glycerin-Free,
  • Latex-Free,
  • Sterile Bacteriostatic, and
  • Premium Viscosity

and not expect people to not use it for all of their lubrication needs. At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are proud to manufacture products that can be used in a variety of settings to improve the quality of life of the end-user. While we don’t encourage alternative uses, we are aware that our products can be used in other ways than we intended. Join us in today’s post as we discuss the pros and cons of using HR Lubricating Jelly as a personal lubricant.

The Upside

Medical lubricants are intended to protect orifices during the insertion of foreign objects. So, if you use our high-quality lubricating jellies for your personal pleasure, you have made a great choice. Here are some of the benefits of using our product.

Naturally smooth feel

HR Lubricating Jelly mimics the body’s natural fluids. Because it is mostly water, free of dyes and unnecessary additives, it does not become sticky, tacky, clump, or flake. This means that during use, it will remain slick, and afterward, it will not leave behind an uncomfortable residue.

Superior viscosity

One of the most exciting features of HR Lubricating Jelly is its premium viscosity. We created it this way to prevent injury during invasive procedures that are caused by friction. These benefits extend to personal use by preventing friction and discomfort and keeps things moving smoothly.

Won’t cause a yeast infection

Many oil-based lubricants can alter the natural flora and pH balance of the vagina that leads to uncomfortable yeast infections. HR Lubricating Jelly is water-soluble and pH neutral, so it will not interfere with the natural balance of the human body or contribute to a yeast infection.

Won’t compromise condoms or toys

Many personal lubricants and vaginal lotions are silicone-based. The adult entertainment industry prefers silicone-based lubricants because they remain slick longer and remain jellied in the lab for up to 10 years. At HR Pharmaceuticals, we believe that our more natural-feeling product that doesn’t leave behind a residue, nor will it clump or flake, will prevent you from allowing it to remain on the shelf for a decade. Additionally, water-based lubricants have no effect on condoms or silicone adult toys the way other personal lubricants do. Silicone-based lubricants can actually compromise the integrity of silicone toys and latex, nitrile, polyurethane, and resin condoms, rendering them ineffective.

The Downside

HR Lubricating Jelly is made for medical use by medical professionals, so it should come as no surprise that there a few downsides to using it for its off-labeled use as a personal lubricant. We are proud to say that the cons of using our product for your pleasure are limited.

Does not prevent pregnancy

HR Lubricating Jelly is made for the medical industry as a medical lubricant. Therefore, we have no reason to include a spermicide as an ingredient in our product. However, it should be noted, that as discussed previously, our lubricant will not affect the integrity of condoms, so you can use our lubricant in conjunction with condoms to help reduce your chances of unintentional pregnancy.

Does not prevent the spread of STD/STI

Yes, our sterile lubricant is bacteriostatic. This means that it will inhibit bacterial growth so that you do not have to worry about our lubricating jelly being a breeding ground for bacteria. However, it should be noted that it not an antibiotic nor an anti-viral agent. This means that it will not prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted disease or infection, and safe sex should be practiced.

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we create superior lubricants with the end-user in mind. Our mission is to create products that are safe and effective. Our lubricating jelly has been the go-to product for medical professionals, globally, for 90 years. However our product is used, you can rest assured that you are using a product that is of superior medical-grade quality.