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Why The Viscosity of Your Lubricant Matters

If you perform any procedure that requires the use of lubricating jelly, you are likely already well aware that not every lubricant is the same! A few qualities that some medical lubricants offer — bacteriostatic properties and hypoallergenic — are not obvious to the end-user. However, some are — viscosity, consistency, and residue factor. HR Lubricating Jelly is a water-based lubricant that won’t clump, flake, or become tacky. Follow along in today’s post as we discuss some of the reasons

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When to Use Lubricating Jelly For Medical Procedures

Lubricating jelly and medical lubricants have become a favored product for improving patient comfort during invasive procedures. The increase in patient comfort has led to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction with their medical services. This helps to reduce the fear and anxiety related to invasive medical procedures, leading to increased patient compliance and better healing. Just think, all of these positives from one simple product! HR Pharmaceuticals is proud to offer HR Lubricating Jelly for personal and professional use. It

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How HR Lubricating Jelly is a Superior Product

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we strive to consistently deliver superior product quality, and extraordinary product performance for personal care, consumer, and medical supply products. Our medical lubricants have been trusted in the medical community for 90 years, and their features and benefits unequivocally define them as superior to the alternatives. Take, for instance, HR Lubricating Jelly, a premium universal medical lubricant. When you purchase a tube of HR lubricating jelly, you will get some amazing benefits. We’d like to take a

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